“Di Giacomo fez o magnìfico final magnificamente.” PUBLICO – Pedro Boléo

“Quem salvou as honras do covento – aliás, mosteiro – foi a soprano Julianna di Giacomo, que interpretou com distincao o papel de Leonora, tanto vocal como cenicamente”. EXPRESSO – Jorge Calado

HOLLYWOOD BOWL, Los Angeles – OTELLO  – Luglio 2018

“There could be no real telling about the size of voices (because of the sound system). When Di Giacomo’s mike momentarily failed during the first act, the volume only slightly dropped. But she had the lung power and presence of mind to make up for it, an unscripted, thrilling moment.” M. Swed, Los Angeles Times
“Julianna Di Giacomo’s singing in “Otello” was consistently musical and thrilling, but once again I was struck by the detail and range in characterization. “Salce! Salce! Salce!” she sang, as Verdi specified, “come una voce lontano” in the Willow Song (in fact, very lontano, and beautifully echoed even more faintly by Carolyn Hove’s Cor anglais). “Unjustly killed,” sang di Giacomo from the side, as cast-members burst in on the murder scene. It was a rasp, dramatically appropriate. And it was as if Di Giacomo had found a completely new tone, not previously-employed, in her prayer, “Ave Maria” just before the murder. G. Williams, OperaWire
“Julianna Di Giacomo has an impressive voice that can project dramatic volume with clarity and when necessary turn poetic and lyrical. Her Desdemona captured the tragic innocence and confusion of the character, ending with a soaring rendition of “The Willow Song” and “Ave Maria,” that produced the largest ovation of the performance. J. Farber San Francisco Classical Voice

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