Szilvia Voros


WIENER STAATSOPER, Vienna- RUSALKA (Elfe), Dir. T.Hanus, R. S.E.Bechtolf, 30 Gennaio 2020, 02,04 Febbraio 2020

… Szilvia Vörös come seconda e Margaret Plummer come terza salvietta erano molto meglio.”

THE HELSINKI PHILHASRMONIC ORCHESTRA, Helsinki – BLUEBEARD’S CASTLE (Judith), Dir. S.Malkki 15,16 Gennaio 2020

“The magnificent Hungarian mezzo-soprano Szilvia Vörös made her debut in the role of Judith, the wife of the Blue Beard.

More drama was provided by the pre-reported information that Blue Beard, Mika Kares, had woken up in the morning without his voice. But there was no need for a substitute, since Kares was properly medicated and was able to sing, and did it exemplary. What we would have heard, if Kares only could have used his entire arsenal!

Szilvia Vörös, who has been waiting for the right time for singing the role of Judith, was convincing from the first phrase onwards. Her mezzo-soprano is beautiful, bright, nuanced. The lower register is deep, both pianos and fortes can easily be heard. The scale of expressing emotions promises her a brilliant career with more and more demanding roles.” Helsingin Sanomat

THEATRE LA MONNAIE DE MUNT – Bruxelles – LA GIOCONDA (Laura Adorno) – Gennaio  – Febbraio 2019

“La mezzo Szilvia Vörös incarne une Laura touchante “ BACHTRACK.COM P. Liebermann 2 Febr 2019

“Laura is a woefully underwritten role, and she is horribly reactive, but Szilvia Vörös did everything required of her and in such a way as to make you regret that we did not learn more about this character.” Planet R. Hugill 5 Feb 2019

“Il trouve en Szilvia Voros, une partenaire idéale. La jeune mezzo hongroise est une véritable révélation par la beauté de son timbre charnu et par la force qu’elle est capable de conférer à cette amoureuse qui doit affronter tantôt Gioconda, tantôt son mari puis réapparaître tel un fantôme.” Toute la culture P. Fourier 12 Feb 2019

“la jeune Laura Adorno servie par la mezzo-soprano Szilvia Vörös s’offre éclatante, exaltante d’aigus limpides,avec une diction souple, un souffle maîtrisé et une belle retenue de jeu. Noble, la voix chaude à la mesure de ses larmes nourrit un destin tragique, presque mélodramatique.” Olyrics. 1 Feb 2019 S. Heurtebise